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Auto Flower Limeade (FEM)

Auto Flower Limeade (FEM)

Limeade • Feminized Auto-Flower • Cannabinoids 20% THC

• Hybrid

• Aroma (Nose): Citrus / Lime / Skunk

• Yield Potential: 4 - 4.5 oz

• Maturity: Average 80 days

Introducing Limeade Auto-Flower Marijuana Seed: A Thrilling Journey for Novice Growers

Limeade Auto-Flower by Dank is the epitome of a day-neutral hybrid feminized cannabis seed, meticulously designed to offer a seamless and rewarding cultivation experience. Its uniform growth and maturity make it a delightful choice for growers of all levels.

Impressive Yields and Rapid Maturity

Cultivating Limeade Auto is a breeze, with yields ranging from 4 to 4.5 ounces. It reaches maturity in just 75 days indoors or in a greenhouse, or a slightly extended 85 days when grown outdoors. The average plant height reaches a manageable 35 to 40 inches, ensuring it fits perfectly into your growing space.

A Citrus Delight

Prepare to be enchanted by Limeade Auto's enchanting aroma, defined by citrusy and lime notes. This cultivar promises a sensory experience that's nothing short of exceptional.

Ideal for Novice Growers

If you're new to cannabis cultivation, Limeade Auto is your ideal companion. Auto-flowers, like Limeade Auto, deliver remarkable results while igniting the excitement of growing your own cannabis.

Potency in Every Nugget

With cannabinoid levels of 20%. Limeade Auto packs a potent punch that promises a balanced and enjoyable experience.


Seeds Per Pack: 6

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