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Frozen Custard (Wedding Pie x Animal Cookies)

Frozen Custard (Wedding Pie x Animal Cookies)

The story of Wedding Pie, the mother of Frozen Custard, started with Triangle Mints—an exceptional hybrid that has produced award-winning phenotypes. Wedding Pie, the mother of Frozen Custard, is a hybrid of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. Wedding Cake is a cross of the illustrious Triangle Kush and a Jbeezy’s Animal Mints male.  Animal Cookies offers a complex bouquet that is sweet and tangy.

Frozen Custard Aroma, as its name suggests, Wedding Pie smells strongly of freshly baked pie. This variety provides a sweet and creamy bouquet of vanilla, berry, grape, and pie crust. When the flowers are broken apart, hints of wet soil and gasoline are released. Frozen Custard melds the fruity, pie-like aroma of Wedding Pie with the sweet-and-sour scent of Animal Cookies. This variety is rich in terpenes and emits sugary notes of cherries, grapes, and cookie dough, mixed with bitter undertones of soil, skunk, and petrol. Some phenotypes may lean toward the sweet, fruity aroma of Wedding Pie, and others may display the cookie-dough funk of Animal Cookies.

Frozen Custard Flavor, true to its name, Frozen Custard tastes like a fruity frozen dessert. This variety tastes of cherry, grape, vanilla, and cookie dough, with hints of soil and petrol. The smoke is smooth and thick, coating the mouth with a sweet, earthy flavor that lingers for several minutes. Some phenotypes may taste more strongly of grape and pie crust, and others may taste more like cherry and cookie dough. Most plants will offer a blend of these flavors.

Frozen Custard delivers a powerful effct that is well balanced. This variety provides a calming effect that may ease tension and relieve pain. Frozen Custard combines the relaxing and soothing effect of Wedding Pie with the body-numbing stone of Animal Cookies. Users report that this strain may ease tension in the body and mind, relieve pain, and help them fall into a deep sleep. Frozen Custard is the perfect strain for a soothing evening smoke, or late-night delight.

Frozen Custard shares growth characteristics of both parents. This variety is medium to tall in height, with broad, dark-green leaves that sport thick rails of resin. Frozen Custard forms medium-size colas that comprise dense, lime-green buds. The flowers are incredibly frosty and are decorated with purple sugar leaves and bright-orange pistils.

Seeds Per Pack: 6
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