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Island Delight Gen 2 (FEM)

Island Delight Gen 2 (FEM)

Island Delight 3.0 • Feminized Photoperiod • Cannabinoids: 24% THC

• Balanced Hybrid

• Aroma (Nose): Fruity / Floral / Earthy

• Yield Potential: Very Large

• Flowering Time: 56 days

Discover Paradise with Island Delight Marijuana Strain

Island Delight, a photoperiod and feminized cannabis strain, invites you to embark on a tropical journey like no other. As a balanced hybrid, it boasts a carefully crafted cannabinoid and terpene profile, offering 24% cannabinoids.

A Taste of the Tropics

Prepare to be transported to a beachside paradise with Island Delight Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This sativa-dominant strain boasts resinous buds infused with the delightful essence of THC-packed cannabis. Drawing from the vivacity of the sativa subspecies, the experience promises a boost in energy and a revitalized spirit. Your mindset will align with the relaxation that the islands are famous for.

A Symphony of Senses

Island Delight not only satisfies the taste buds but also signs its name on the nose and tongue with an exquisite fruity flavor profile. Following the tangy citrus notes, it adds a touch of gas to the mix. The aroma of Island Delight is a delightful fusion of fruity, floral, and earthy scents that envelop your senses, creating an all-encompassing and truly delightful cannabis experience.

Bountiful Yields

Cultivating Island Delight is a rewarding endeavor with the potential for very large yields. This strain promises an abundant harvest, making it an attractive choice for cultivators seeking both quality and quantity.

Efficient Flowering Time

With a relatively short flowering period of just 8-9 weeks, Island Delight ensures efficient growth and timely results. Whether you're an experienced cultivator or just starting your journey, this strain offers a reliable and rewarding experience.

Find Your Paradise

Island Delight is a strain that transports you to a tropical haven, combining energizing sativa effects with a delightful flavor profile. With its sweet and sour taste, enticing aroma, Island Delight promises a cultivation journey that's nothing short of a delightful escape to paradise. Don't miss the opportunity to cultivate this exceptional strain and embark on a journey into the world of premium cannabis.


Seeds Per Pack: 6

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