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Sweet Tea (FEM)

Sweet Tea (FEM)

Sweet Tea • Feminized Photoperiod • Cannabinoids: 25% THC

• Sativa Dominant Hybrid

• Aroma (Nose): Citrus / Sweet / Earthy

• Yield Potential: Large

• Flowering Time: 57 days

Indulge in the Refreshing Flavor of Sweet Tea (biscotti x gelato)

Sweet Tea, a photoperiod strain, beckons you to experience the delightful fusion of a sativa-dominant hybrid, offering a cannabinoid and terpene profile that's second to none. With cannabinoid content of up to 25%, it's a strain that promises a truly exceptional journey.

Aroma and Flavor

Prepare your senses for a sensory symphony. Sweet Tea captivates with the vibrant aromas of fresh oranges, complemented by a sweetness that's simply irresistible. Hints of woody undertones complete the flavor profile, making each inhalation and exhalation a journey into citrusy delight.

Bountiful Yields

Cultivating Sweet Tea is a rewarding endeavor with the potential for large yields. This strain promises an impressive harvest, making it an appealing choice for cultivators seeking both quantity and quality.

Efficient Flowering Time

With a relatively short flowering period of just 8 weeks, Sweet Tea ensures efficient growth and timely results. Whether you're a seasoned cultivator or just starting your journey, this strain offers a reliable and rewarding experience.

A Potent Elevation

Sweet Tea's sativa dominance shines through with its impressive cannabinoids levels, promising an uplifting and euphoric high that's perfect for creative endeavors or simply enjoying the moment.

Sip Slow, Savor the Journey

Like its namesake, Sweet Tea is all about savoring the moment and delighting in the flavors of life. With its captivating citrus aroma, balanced potency, and uplifting effects, Sweet Tea promises a cultivation journey that's nothing short of extraordinary. Don't miss the opportunity to cultivate this exceptional strain and embark on a journey into the world of premium cannabis.


Seeds Per Pack: 6

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