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Tahoe Animal (Tahoe OG Kush x Animal Cookies)

Tahoe Animal (Tahoe OG Kush x Animal Cookies)

Tahoe Animal is an epic strain that brings together two of the most illustrious cannabis cultivars—Tahoe OG and Animal Cookies. This premium feminized hybrid melds the award-winning qualities of OG and Cookies, producing rock-hard buds that are potent, flavorful, and extra frosty.

Tahoe OG, the mother of Tahoe Animal, is widely regarded as one of the best OG Kush phenotypes on the market. This classic strain is known for its robust aroma, exceptional potency, and hardy growth. Animal Cookies, the other parent of Tahoe Animal, is known for its extreme resin production, exotic flavor, and narcotic effects. By crossing these two strains, Greenpoint Seeds has created Tahoe Animal—a powerful Indica-dominant hybrid that offers an exotic twist to the classic Tahoe OG.

Seeds Per Pack: 6
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